Clan Merchandise

Please find below our Clan merchandise we have available to buy. You may order by phone, mail [order form-no payment] or e-mail by utilizing the Order/Packing Form below.

NOTE: Shipping costs must be determined by packaging weight and size; therefore, no payment should be sent to Quartermaster, Kelli Werkmeister,, prior to
her contacting you with the Grand Total.

Order-Packaging Form

Except for the keychains and t-shirts, our merchandise have our Barra badge. Also, the Clan has 2 sets of Prince Charlie jacket and vest. The 1st set is made in Scotland [size is 38/34 for 6' person] and the 2nd set is made in England [Size 40]. Each set is $200.00. Pictures are near the bottom of this page.

Treasurer Sales Slip - [Commissioners and Volunteers, please use to send All Sales to Treasurer, Leandra Slate.]

Castle in the Sea: History of Kisimul Castle $20.00
Clan Macneil book - History of Clan $20.00
Barra Badge Bookmark $1.00
Lapel Pin $5.00
Clan keychains: Small $1.00 - Large $2.00
Static Window Cling $2.00
Clan Pen $2.00
Baseball cap $20.00
T-Shirt - Back, front has small pocket size badge $15.00
Blue Golf Shirt-old stock $30.00
Blue Golf Shirt-new stock $30.00
Green Golf Shirt-old stock $30.00
Green Golf Shirt-new stock $30.00
Sweatshirt-Only L, XL, 2XL $25.00 limited stock
Prince Charlie Vest
Prince Charlie Jacket-front
Prince Charlie Jacket-back
Glengarry Cap $30.00
Green Hose $15.00
Kilt Belt $30.00
Custom Ghillies-all leather Approx Size 9 $50.00
Camouflauge Kilt, Size 42