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If you have genealogical ties to the surname Macneil or any of Clan Macneil's Sept family names (listed below), you were born into the Clan Macneil.  If you are not a member at present, our Association would be delighted to have you join us as a member by clicking on Membership Application above.  If you are a current member who needs to renew his/her membership, click on Membership Renewal above.

Membership Types:   Annual USA $25 / Foreign $35
/ Lifelong $1,000

Membership has its privileges:  One membership includes husband, wife and all dependent children.  As a member of the Clan Macneil, your dues support our involvement at local games and events as well as our publication, The Galley.  The Galley is published twice a year and the articles are from our own Members!

Macneal Macneill McKneill Neal
MacNeal MacNeill McNeal Neale
Macnealage Macneillage Mcneale Nealey
MacNealage MacNeille McNeale Neall
Macneale MacNelly McNealedge Nealle
MacNeale Macnial McNeall Nealy
Macneall MacNial McNealle Neel
MacNeall MacNialage Mcneel Neele
Macneallage Macniall McNeel Nelley
MacNeallage MacNiall Mcneelage Neell
Macnealle MacNiallage Mcneeley Neely
MacNealle Macniel Mcneely Neil
MacNeally MacNiel McNeely Neill
Macneel Macnielage McNeil Neille
MacNeel MacNielage McNeilege Neilsen
Macneelage Macniell McNeill Neilson
MacNeelage Macniell McNeille Nelson
Macneele MacNiell McNeilly Niel
MacNeele MacNiellage Mcneily Niell
MacNeeley MacNielle McNelly Nielle
MacNeely McCrillis Mcnial Nilson
Macneil McGougan McNial O'Neail
MacNeil Mcgrail McNiall O'Neal
Macneilage McGrail McNiel O'Neil
MacNeilage McGugan McNeill O'Neill
Macneile Mcguigan McNeille
MacNeile McGuigan

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