New Commissioners and Volunteers Tools

Welcome New Commissioners and Volunteers! Thank you for taking on the role of representing your Clan at Scottish Highland Games and Festivals. The tools below will assist you in your new endeavor.

Please contact all of the following when preparing to register for a Game/Festival.
Clan President, Bob Neill:
Commissioner Trainer, Chris Dyer:
Clan Webmaster, Gwen McNeill:


To order items such as tartan swatches, flags, books, etc., you can utilize our Resource page for USA and UK stores and look at some of our actual Clan tents on the Games-Gallery page as well as this link Tent Ideas! Also, have a duplicate receipt book for sales and a Guest Sign In book that asks for name, address or email. This helps you stay in touch with your members in your state in the future.

This brief summary packet of our Clan website created by GA Commissioner has been a great hand-out to potential or new members. Clan Website Summary Handout





The best two books you could have at your tent to assist anyone with their Clans are: The Tartan For Me! and/or the Scottish Clans & Their Associated Families sold only by Unicorn Limited, Ltd/

How To Submit for Publication in our Galley