Badges/Crests, Tartans, Coat of Arms


Barra Badge             crest_big

               Barra                                             Colonsay/Gigha

                                Dryas Flower

Original Clan Plant Badge attributed to our Clan was the Dryas



Barra Ancient Tartan                   modern

              Ancient                                                  Modern            


Colonsay Ancient Tartan                   Colonsay Modern Tartan

             Ancient                                                    Modern


                   COAT OF ARMS

coat of arms in castle                   macneil_coat_trans-

Upper Left:  Lion Rampant (mimicking the Royal Standard of the King of Scotland)

Upper Right:  Castle in the water (symbolizing Kisimul Castle in Castlebay)

Lower Left:   Masted ship (Representing either the seafaring nature of the clan or the migration of the clan from the Ulster, Ireland to Barra, Scotland

Lower Right:    Red Hand of Ulster surrounded by nine shackles representing Niall of the Nine Hostages

 Surrounding the Coat of Arms:

  • Crest: a Rock (same as on the clan badge)
  • Chapeau: Red velvet cap lined with ermine, symbolic of a Baron
  • Helm: Height of the Helmet is determined by rank
  • Mantle: Fabric surrounding the Arms
  • Supporters: Two lions rampant
  • Compartment: The base of the Arms, made of Dryas flowers (the clan badge)