98th Annual General Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada

2019 AGM Announcement

Our Barra Flag Officially Recognised

We are delighted to confirm that the Barra flag has been granted official recognition from the Lyon Court. The distinctive green and white Scandinavian-style flag has been widely used by the community for decades – flying across the island and appearing on local produce. However, until now, it has had no legal recognition.

A community meeting was held in Barra by Alasdair Allan MSP and Philip Tibbetts, Communities Vexillologist of the Flag Institute, last December to explore the possibility of a petition being submitted to the Lyon Court. This initiative was championed locally by Dolina Manford, Chair of Northbay Community Council, with the support of the island’s other Community Council. Funding was kindly provided by local community charity Barra and Vatersay Voluntary Action.

The Court of the Lord Lyon, the legal authority on heraldry in Scotland, has the power to authorise community flags and ensure that only one community can use any one design. An official unveiling will be held in summer.

Northbay Community Councillor Dolina Manford commented, “I am very happy to see that the Barra flag has now received official recognition from the Lord Lyon.

“It has been a long process but now the green and white Nordic cross that has been used in Barra for a number of years is officially registered at the Lord Lyon.”

Alasdair Allan MSP commented, “I am delighted that Barra’s flag now has legal recognition and protection. When I originally held an exploratory meeting on this subject it was felt that recognition of the flag would help to boost the island’s marketing efforts as well as celebrate its unique identity.

“I would like to thank Dolina for her efforts in driving this forward and I look forward to seeing some of the benefits this will bring.”

Philip Tibbetts of the Flag Institute commented, "It is wonderful to see the Barra flag achieve official recognition with the Lyon Court, having been used so extensively over the years, joining the likes of Caithness and even the Saltire itself. In this past year Barra has shown the importance that a flag can have for its community - not only as a celebration but also as a symbol to rally around.

“As such it has been both an honour and humbling to have assisted Barra since I was first invited to the island last year. I am sure it will serve as a powerful example to the many other communities thinking of developing their own flag to promote their own identity and the patchwork of national heritage."

Angus MacNeil MP commented, “I’m very pleased that the Barra Isles flag has been approved, with the Nordic cross showing not just the ancestry of the people but the places names of Barra, and the green representing the green of the Barra Isles. This is a fantastic achievement by all those involved.”

Eoin MacNeil of Voluntary Action Barra and Vatersay commented, ”We were very pleased to able to support the aspirations of our community and community councils.

“The flag also endorses our unique sense of identity, heritage and culture. We look forward to it flying high over the many events taking place in the coming years."

Save The Scottish Tartans Museum, NC

The launching to help the Scottish Tartans Museum raise funds for their Building Fund Capital Campaign has begun!

This opportunity to purchase their building in which it currently
resides comes at a critical time of growth for the Museum.
In December, they will proudly unveil their exhibit expansion project, and have been working hard for months on making much-needed upgrades on building systems and accessibility. But all that progress is in danger, if the building is sold to a third party who does not wish to continue with the Museum as a tenant. Being able to purchase the building means security, stability, and justification for further improvements and expanded exhibits and member services for years to come.

If every member of every Clan organization in North America
donated $1, we could purchase the building at least twice over. There is power in our numbers. And this museum – the only one of its kind outside of Scotland – belongs to all of us. Please consider a tax-deductible donation in any amount you can provide this holiday season. And please encourage your Clan membership to do the same. Together we can all #SaveTheTartans!


Mail your check made payable to The Scottish Tartans Museum to:
86 E Main Street, Franklin, NC 28734
Please write “Building Fund” on the memo line

Follow us on Facebook for updates on the campaign:

WANTED:  New Georgia Commissioner

I have held multiple jobs since I became a member of Clan Macneil in 2006. I relinquished my quartermaster duties to Kelli Werkmeister in 2015 and now I would like to step down as the GA Commissioner. I am happy to be a Co-Commissioner but I would like someone else to take the lead in this role. I'll relinquish many tent items that the clan has purchased or items donated to me. I only set-up at 3 games each year. You do not have to do the Optional games but Stone Mountain Highland Games is a must!

May: Optional: Savannah Scottish Highland Games (clan tent for over 34 years)

June: Optional: Blairsville Scottish Highland Games (clan tent for about 5 years)

October: A MUST: Stone Mountain Highland Games, the biggest games in Georgia (clan tent for over 35 years)

Anyone interested in this position, please contact me directly, either by telephone 770-491-9695 or by email: I will be happy to discuss the details of this position further with you.

Cheers, Gwen McNeill