On 22 May 2017, a suicide bombing was carried out at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, following a concert by American singer, Ariana Grande. [Click on green links to go to other pages]

Eilidh MacLeod was killed in this terror attach and Laura McIntyre is still in the hospital.

Eilidh MacLeod

Laura McIntyre

A campaign was started immediately by the Voluntary Action Barra & Vatersay (VABV) to help the families of these young ladies.
Barra's Family Support Fund


Our Chief, Rory Macneil of Barra, is busy planning our next Macneil Gathering in 2018 on the Isle of Barra. Our Clan President, Bob Neill, is also planning another Scotland tour as well including the Gathering again (See separate page). Time to start saving now for this awesome adventure. If you wish to get a feel of what you will experience, check out the 2014 Clan Tour pictures as well as the 2014 and 2016 Gathering pictures on our website (also separate pages).

WANTED:  New Georgia Commissioner

I have held multiple jobs since I became a member of Clan Macneil in 2006. I relinquished my quartermaster duties to Kelli Werkmeister in 2015 and now I would like to step down as the GA Commissioner. I am happy to be a Co-Commissioner but I would like someone else to take the lead in this role. I'll relinquish many tent items that the clan has purchased or items donated to me. I only set-up at 3 games each year. You do not have to do the Optional games but Stone Mountain Highland Games is a must!

May: Optional: Savannah Scottish Highland Games (clan tent for over 34 years)

June: Optional: Blairsville Scottish Highland Games (clan tent for about 5 years)

October: A MUST: Stone Mountain Highland Games, the biggest games in Georgia (clan tent for over 35 years)

Anyone interested in this position, please contact me directly, either by telephone 770-491-9695 or by email: I will be happy to discuss the details of this position further with you.

Cheers, Gwen McNeill